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We are a small team of developers which turned their hobby into their job.
Inspired by our passion of playing games, we create funny and epic games.


Idle Zombie Shelter

Idle Shooter | Mobile

Idle Zombie Shelter is an idle game where you fight against waves of zombies to get gold and resources. Use resources to build and upgrade your own shelter. The bigger your shelter becomes, the more survivors will come and give you useful items and resources. Use all your collected resources and upgrade your weapons, hire new soldiers and get to the top in the multiplayer rankings.

Release: April 2021

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Idle Magic Town

Idle RPG | Mobile

Idle Magic Town is an idle game where you build your own town to earn gold. Get help from your Fellows, collect and upgrade strong Creatures, fight against insane Raids and unlock powerful Runestones to get even more Gold. Reach the highest level in this classic idle game and unlock a huge map.
And everything is idle! Easy to play with less input!
Play our newest idle game now for free and become the best Idler!

Release: May 2020

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Idle Mons

Idle / Clicker | Mobile

Idle Mons is an idle / clicker game with multiplayer-features.
Defeat monsters by tapping or just idle and chill!
Go idle, Evolve monsters, collect artifacts and reach unlimited levels in Idle Mons! Join weekly tournaments and become the best player while idle! Create a huge guild with up to 30 players and fight big raids with them!

Release: August 2019

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